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Asphalt Paving & Sales in MS

Two black and white picture of old trucks — Trucks  in Brookhaven, MS
Since 1947 Dickerson & Bowen, Inc has been paving the way for growth and development. Our asphalt plants produce and place 700,000 tons of asphalt annually. Over the years we have developed a loyal customer base that has come to rely on Dickerson & Bowen, Inc for high quality raw materials, premium asphalt mixes, and unlimited paving capabilities.

At Dickerson & Bowen, Inc our desire is provide you with the highest quality finished products, while meeting your budget and time constraints. Our areas of expertise include:

Parking Lots & Driveways — Trucks  in Brookhaven, MS
State Highways
Residential pavements — Trucks  in Brookhaven, MS
County Roads
Airports road — Airway  in Brookhaven, MS
City Streets
City Streets — Paving material  in Brookhaven, MS
County Roads — Curvy roads  in Brookhaven, MS
Residential & Commercial
State Highways — Trucks  in Brookhaven, MS
Parking Lots & Driveways
Working as a contractor or subcontractor, we'll manage your job carefully in order to meet your specific needs. Our raw material facilities and asphalt plants are strategically located, allowing Dickerson & Bowen to take the lead in providing you with cost effective solutions throughout Central and Southwest Mississippi.